Medical zone

Our medical centre offers:

  • fully air-conditioned areas, including waiting rooms
  • barrier-free access
  • sitting areas on the terrace of the medical center (in the yard) as well as in the cafe
  • free parking
  • transport accessibility - located in the immediate vicinity of the bus stop
  • part of the PRIMMA shopping center – a doctor's visit and shopping in one building
  • professional pharmacy and counseling care - Dr.Max pharmacy on site
  • offers modernly equipped clinics and professional healthcare


Neurological clinic:
MUDr.Jana Múdra
tel: 0917 073 334

Cardiological clinic:
MUDr.Tomáš Jesenský
tel: 0905 209 733

Urological clinic:
MUDr.Ján Farkas
tel: dodám telefon

Dental clinic:
MD Miklos Volujko
tel: 0951 486 925

General practicioner’s clinic:
MUDr.Eva Rošková, PhD, MBA, RDCS
tel: 0948 230 292

Medical zone